The Passion Of The Christ Part 2?

Jim Caviezel
"Jesus" In The Passion Of The Christ

Christian actor Jim Caviezel has revealed that there is a sequel to The Passion of the Christ, in the making.

Mel Gibson
Director: The Passion Of The Christ

Although there is no release date for the film as yet, anticipation is already building and Caviezel believes it will be “the biggest film in history.” .

Caviezel stared as Jesus in The Passion of the Christ, which was directed by Mel Gibson and released 14 years ago, in 2004.

The film grossed over $370 million, making it the highest grossing R-Rated film ever made in the U.S.

What To Expect

The sequel will reportedly focus’s on the Resurrection of Christ. Gibson said, “The Resurrection. Big subject. We’re trying to craft this in a way that’s cinematically compelling and enlightening so that it shines new light, if possible, without creating some weird thing.”
Jim Caviezel
“Jesus” In The Passion Of The Christ

James Patrick Caviezel (born September 26, 1968) is an American actor and an outspoken Christian who is often involved in faith based projects. He recently spoke at the Fellowship of Catholic University Students SLS Leadership Conference where he told the crowd, “I want you to go out into this pagan world, I want you to have the courage to step into this pagan world and shamelessly express your faith in public. The world needs proud warriors animated by their faith.”


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