500K Settlement for Nurse Dragged & Handcuffed

Alex Wubbles receives 500k settlement after being dragged out screaming & handcuffed for explaining to a police detective that he needed a warrant to withdraw blood from an unconscious crash victim.  “There will be no lawsuit,” Karra Porter, attorney for nurse Alex Wubbels told reporters on Tuesday.  Salt Lake City and the University of Utah has agreed to settle the matter.

On July 26, a Utah Highway Patrol was involved in a chase with  Marcos Torres, 26, in Cache County after he was reported for driving recklessly. The driver, Torres crossed into oncoming traffic and smashed into a semi head-on.  The Semi-truck, which was driven by 43-year-old William Gray, then burst into flames.

Torres died from his injuries on the scene of the accident and  Gray, was transported to University of Utah Hospital, where he was treated for severe burns.

Salt Lake Police Detective Jeff Payne later arrived at the hospital’s burn unit to request samples of Gray’s blood to determine if he had drugs in his system, as directed by another agency. However, on-duty nurse Alex Wubbels explained to Payne that he needed to meet one of three conditions as per the police department’s agreement with the hospital: 1) obtain consent from the patient 2) obtain a warrant or 3) the patient must be under arrest.

See additional details and interview provide on NBC and the today show here

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